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Toilet Etiquette Tips for the Unlucky Lot

Was your St. Patrick's Day a big fail this year? Some people seem to have taken all the four-leaf clovers for themselves, while others have the terrible luck of walking into a bathroom that will likely send us to therapy. Never fear, though; Laney's Inc. has thought up a way to reverse your dirty bathroom curse!

All you need to do is improve your toilet etiquette. Doing so will improve the experience of everyone who walks into your bathroom, and it will also help you avoid dealing with a plumbing emergency caused by negligent behavior.

Why Should You Clean the Toilet?

toiletcleaningTo be frank, you should clean the toilet because you don't want to be nasty. It's the same reason you should always flush the toilet.

Not to mention the fact that neglecting to flush the toilet each time it's used can lead to the toilet or the sewer pipe that carries your waste away becoming clogged, which can potentially result in a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe or a sewage backup.

Aside from your basic flushing, you should also be cleaning your toilet on a regular basis. Everything, from the inside of the bowl to the toilet seat to the tank, needs to be cleaned. This could prevent a severe health situation by keeping bacteria at bay.

Why Are You Putting Down the Toilets?

disposingThe next thing you need to check is that you are not disposing of all manner of things in your toilet. Most people assume that they can flush things like Q-Tips or hair and nail trimmings down the toilet because they are small and can fit through the drain without it clogging.

What they don’t realize is that the drain pipe narrows significantly once it gets out of the actual toilet. The reason you shouldn’t flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper down your toilet is that those things can be broken down more easily, and won’t clog your sewer pipes.

A clogged sewer pipe can result in a major buildup of pressure behind the clog, causing the pipe to burst. In that case, you could find yourself paying for a costly repiping service, along with the service to clean up after your plumbing emergency.

Are You the Cause of a Plumbing Emergency?

plumbingemergencyWhile you may think that you don’t need to be responsible for preventing a plumbing emergency in a public bathroom, your actions in public bathrooms are a big part of toilet etiquette!

For example, if you had overindulged a bit on St. Patrick’s Day (had one too many green beers, maybe) and your aim for the toilet suffered for it, then you would have been part of spreading unsanitary bacteria, and causing a safety hazard.

So, in summary, we can all improve our luck with both public and private bathrooms by cleaning up after ourselves, not disposing of hygiene products in the toilet, and remembering #keepyouraim. Even if you already do all of these things, you may have a plumbing emergency that is out of your control. In that case, you can still call Laney’s Inc at (701) 237-0543 to get in contact with a professional plumbing contractor in Fargo, ND today.