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Are you in need of a new sewer line? Is your current line causing problems within your home? Laney’s Inc. has over 55 years of sewer line repair and replacement experience in Fargo, ND. Our technicians will assess your sewer line and confirm if a traditional repair or trenchless method will work best.

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Common Sewer Line Repairs

Your sewer lines are built to last. However, there are a few issues that can come up can that cause problems within the line. Some of the most common problems include:

Tree roots: A root system will always reach for water. Even if that means bursting through your sewer lines and getting it that way.

High temperatures: If the temperature in the ground spikes, it may cause the ground the shift. When this happens, it’s common for pipelines to become disconnected or burst.

Old pipes: Although your pipes are built to last a long time, older pipes will begin to deteriorate and eventually require replacement.

How does a Trenchless Repair Work?

Traditional sewer line repairs require digging and trenching in order to expose the pipe and facilitate the repair. Trenchless repairs use technology to remove the need for digging. It works by feeding pipe material into the old sewer line and then inserting an inflatable bladder. After the bladder inflates, the pipe material begins to cure. Once it’s cured, the bladder is removed, and a new, strong pipe is left installed within the old pipe.

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Why are Trenchless Repairs Beneficial?

A trenchless repair is not always the best option, however, here are several reasons why these types of repairs are popular with homeowners:

  • Typically costs less than traditional repairs, as the need for digging and trenching is removed.
  • Repairs can happen more quickly since no digging and trenching is required.
  • Helps to preserve your yard or garden.
  • Ideal for sewer line repairs that need to happen underneath a building or other hard to access areas.

Why Work with Us?

Laney’s Inc. has been helping homeowners in Fargo with innovative plumbing repairs since opening in 1960. Our expertly trained employees provide honest advice and efficient solutions to all your plumbing problems. We also include the following features and promises with every service call:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Free second opinion

Trust your sewer lines to the experts. Call (701) 237-0543 today and ask us about our comprehensive trenchless sewer line repair and installation services. We have been the number one choice for homeowners in Fargo, ND since 1960.