Heating System Repair and Maintenance Solutions in Fargo

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Stay warm with our expert heating repair and maintenance services

Nothing is more alarming to homeowners in Fargo, ND than finding out your heating system has stopped working. We all know how cold winters can be. A reliable, efficient heating system is a definite must-have for everyone in the area.

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Common Heating System Repairs

Experiencing small repairs and maintenance with your heating system is normal. Some of the most common repairs include:

Thermostat issues: The thermostat works to control the temperature inside your home. If your heating system is not producing any heat or turning on and off constantly, you may have thermostat problems.

Clogged air filters: An efficient heating system needs a clean air filter to provide a steady stream of fresh air to the system. With a clogged filter, your heating system will need to work harder to produce heat and it will put additional strain on the system.

Mechanical issues: Damaged belts, blower motors, and faulty bearings are all issues that can arise in the heating system and cause problems that require repair.

Look Out for these Problems, too

If you notice a sharp increase in your heating bill. This is a good indication that something is not working properly and should be inspected by a professional. A typical heating system will last up to 20 years in your home with regular maintenance and repairs. Noticing any differences in how your heating system operates will help diagnose problems quickly and get a repair underway faster.

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How to Save Money on Heating Costs

Try some of the following tips to save money on your monthly heating bills:

  • Change your air filter at least twice per year. Change it more often if your home has pets, allergy sufferers or smokers.
  • Invest in routine inspections and maintenance of your system. We recommend once or twice per year.
  • As soon as you notice your heating system losing efficiency or requiring more service, replace it with a new model to save on future costs.

Why Choose Us?

Laney’s Inc. has been providing solid, honest advice and service in Fargo for over 55 years. We have an experienced team of friendly and knowledgeable employees who are ready to help with all your HVAC needs. In addition to providing superior service at competitive prices, we also include the following special features designed to add value to our work:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Free second opinions
  • Legendary lifetime furnace warranty

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