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How Do Breakers Work?

A circuit breaker is a device designed to interrupt the flow of electricity to an outlet if the outlet becomes overloaded. A tripped breaker is a breaker that has experienced an overload and has tripped to protect the wiring and appliances. Breakers also trip to prevent dangerous fires or injury from electrocution. Breakers are most common in modern homes; they usually consist of a spring-loaded contact that “trips” when the electrical current becomes too much and threatens to overload the outlet.

What is a Fuse?

Fuses were the standard before breakers came along and can most often be found in older homes. A fuse works on a similar principle, in that it’s designed to interrupt the flow of electricity to prevent overloading of an outlet. Unlike breakers, which can be tripped numerous times during their lifespan, a fuse can only be blown once. Fuses are comprised of a metal strip that safely melts when the current gets too high. Since fuses can only be tripped once, they often require replacement.

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Common Breaker and Fuse Problems

Some of the most common problems we see with breakers and fuses include:

  • Replacing inadequate wiring.
  • Repairing or replacing old, deteriorating wires and circuits.
  • Physical repairs such as replacing the external door to the breaker panel.
  • Repairing dangerous hazards that cause burning smells or sparks to come from the unit.

If you are experiencing a problem with your breakers or fuses, it’s always best to hire a professional. A trained eye will safely and effectively repair or replace the breaker or fuse without the threat of electrocution or fire.

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Laney’s Inc. has been helping homeowners in Fargo for over 55 years. As the industry evolves, so do we. We use a combination of innovative technology and tried-and-true methods to provide the safest and most comprehensive services.

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