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Laney’s Inc. specializes in providing home comfort options for Fargo, ND homeowners. One of our most popular cooling systems is the ductless mini split AC system. These units are gaining popularity with homeowners in the area for being efficient and easy to use.

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How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

By relying on an outdoor condenser unit attached to multiple mini air handlers inside the home, ductless units remove the need for extensive ductwork and provide efficient cooling power all summer long. The two components are connected via copper refrigerant lines that are installed inside the walls.

What are the Benefits?

Many homeowners are opting for ductless mini split AC systems for their efficiency. These units are perfect for those looking to install a permanent AC system without relying on inefficient ductwork. It’s estimated that 30% of cooling power is lost within ducts, making a ductless system more efficient and, therefore, cheaper to operate.

Is it Right for Me?

Savings: Homeowners that switched to a ductless mini split reported savings on their energy bills. Since these units rely on copper refrigerant wiring rather than forced air to change the temperature, they are more efficient and result in a lower energy bill each month.

Improved temperature control: Most homes install mini air handlers in each room of their house. These discreet air handlers are located near the ceiling and are hardly noticeable. Since there is usually an air handler in each room, it means that each room can have its own temperature control.

Simplicity: Many homeowners who switch to a ductless mini split enjoy the ease of use that comes with it. Unlike some AC units that come with a complicated thermostat, mini splits are usually controlled by a simple remote, making controlling the temperature in your home as simple as changing the channel on a TV.

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