Expert Water Heater Repair and Installation in Fargo

Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your water heater with comprehensive water heater repair and installation services by Laney's Inc. To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, call (701) 237-0543 today.

Keep your water warm with our expert water heater repair and installation services

Laney’s Inc. in Fargo, ND specializes in the repair and installation of water heaters. Operating an efficient and reliable water heater is vital to your total home comfort, and we’re committed to ensuring your systems are working effectively at all times.

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What are the Benefits?

Before the invention of water heaters, homeowners would be required to boil water used for washing and cleaning to get it to the appropriate temperature. Water heaters eliminate these steps by heating the water with energy. Without hot water, our dishes and laundry would never truly feel clean, and our baths and showers would be unpleasantly cold. Water heaters provide a vital service to our homes and without them, life would be more difficult.

Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters rely on many electrical and mechanical components to operate efficiently. Some of the most common water heater problems we repair include:

Thermostat issues: The thermostat reports the temperature to the water heater. If it’s broken or malfunctioning, you may be left without hot water.

Mechanical failure: Mechanical and electrical components of your water heater may wear out and break down over time, requiring immediate repair.

Physical damage: If there is any physical damage to the water heater such as dents, cracks or leaks it is usually best to replace the unit to prevent water damage.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Home plumbing repairs and installations, like a water heater installation, are best left to the experts to ensure they are completed safely and efficiently. We always recommend hiring a professional for these types of installations as a trained eye knows the best way to go about installing the unit. A professional will be able to ensure the new heater is flawlessly integrated into the system and that it works safely and reliably.

Benefits of Working with Us

Laney’s Inc. has over 55 years of experience in the home comfort industry. We have been taking care of Fargo residents since 1960. In addition to stellar service and honest advice, we also include the following features on all of our service calls in order to improve the customer experience and add value to our work:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Free second opinions

Ensure your water heater is working safely and efficiently at all times. Call (701) 237-0543 and speak with one of our experts for reliable water heater repair and installation services in Fargo, ND today.