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3 Reasons to Reap the Benefits of Energy Efficient Cooling

Whether you’re the person who enjoys the thrill of saving money, or the person who can’t get enough of helping the environment (or maybe both!), getting your AC into ultimate energy efficiency is the right thing for you!

Your home’s AC unit consumes the most energy out of all of your home’s utilities and devices, making it the ultimate purveyor of a smaller bank account or environmental upset if your AC maintenance isn’t up to par.

Don’t be that person - let’s check out some important ways you can better your home’s AC efficiency instead!

Improve Your Home’s Environmental Energy Efficiency

goodenvironmentWhen you institute proper AC repair and maintenance, you’re really doing the best thing for the planet. Not only does a properly maintained HVAC system reduce contaminants released into our atmosphere, but it also can reduce your energy consumption, thus lowering the amount of electricity you’re using from the grid and lessening essentially the number of natural resources being consumed.

There are several ways to improve your unit’s environmental efficiency, ranging from increasing the size of your AC unit to better accommodate your home’s size or upgrading your thermostat to monitor your air conditioning usage and temperature. Having a technician come out to your home to assess for energy efficiency is a good call as they can professionally spot ways to improve.

Energy Efficiency is Your Wallet’s Best Friend

Although saving the planet is a great reason to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, it’s not a bad feeling when it ends up saving you money as well! Ensuring proper AC maintenance can prevent unsightly and high utility bills at the end of the month. An air conditioning system that is optimized for energy efficiency (and bill reduction!) can be achieved by doing the following:

  • savemoneyEnsure your thermostat is consistently set at a comfortable temperature, but not too cold, thus causing your AC unit to run more often.
  • Switch out your filters every 60-90 days to keep the air flowing as it should.
  • Make sure your air ducts are serviced regularly and kept clear of debris and dirt build up.
  • Clean your outside system regularly so it doesn’t get coated in unwanted dirt, which will hinder its air circulation.
  • Call your local service technician for your yearly service - don’t forget!

Go Ahead, Replace Your AC Unit

efficiencyIt’s never been more important to keep updated with the newest technology than with your AC system. Even with proper AC maintenance, if you’re running off of an antiquated system and non-user-friendly thermostat, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

With a smart thermostat, for instance, you can monitor and reduce usage in your home, set AC levels from anywhere, and really get a good feel for your home’s energy usage in this area. Similarly, when you update your home’s AC unit to a newer model, you can see features like cooling in a shorter time period, a less energy-consuming two-stage compressor, and more.

We here at Laney’s Inc. would love to be your go-to service for all of your AC maintenance needs in the Fargo, ND area. Don’t wait - give us a call today at (701) 237-0543 and schedule your appointment!