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World Water Day is Finally Here on March 22

world-waterYou are no doubt aware of how water is essential for life. But did you know that we are experiencing a global water crisis? Despite the fact that 70 percent of the earth is covered with water, 1 in 9 people in the world don’t have access to clean water.

To draw awareness to this troubling situation, the United Nations established World Water Day in 1993. It is observed every year on March 22. The purpose of this day is to educate the public about the water crisis, but also to remind people that they can do a great deal to reduce their own personal water use.

Some Facts About the Water Crisis

In poorer countries, lack of access to clean fresh water is more common. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region that is in most need. Inadequate water supply and sanitation contribute to a variety of waterborne illnesses. In fact, it is estimated that nearly half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with people suffering from a water-related disease.

But there is hope, both through awareness and through investment. The World Health Organization says that for each dollar spent on water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3-$34.

Conserve Water at Home

It’s estimated that only 10 percent of the world’s water use happens within your home. That said, there are a number of steps that you can take on a daily basis that will help save water and help with the crisis. Another bonus is that saving water means saving you money too.

water-dropIn the kitchen, don’t run the dishwasher unless it is full. When washing dishes, don’t leave the tap running to rinse them. Similarly, don’t leave the tap running when washing veggies.

In the bathroom, shorten your shower time. Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Don’t rinse out your razor under running water. Instead, fill the sink with an inch of water and do it that way.

Outside, don’t water your lawn unless you really have to. When you do, only water in the early morning or evening, when the heat of the day won’t evaporate the water.

Don’t use a hose to water your garden; use a watering can instead. Put in a rain barrel to collect water to water your garden. When you turn sprinklers on, make sure that they are watering the grass and not the pavement and gutters.

Fix Your Plumbing for Water Conservation

Don’t let leaks linger in your home, because a leaky pipe, faucet or toilet can waste loads of water. If you see pooling water, mold growth or damp spots, you may have a leaking pipe to blame. Tighten leaky faucets and install an aerator to help with water flow.

Leaky toilets can be hard to diagnose, but here is an easy test. Put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. Don’t flush and wait about 10 minutes. If the color has made its way into the toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

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