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Clean Air Ducts

Experiencing Duct Problems? When Should You Schedule An Air Duct Cleaning?

It used to be that the ventilation in a home only really got used during the winter, when the furnace was turned on, and warm air was pumped through the vents. But with the advent of centralized air conditioning, HVAC systems now took advantage of the existing air duct system and were used in the summer as well to keep a home cool.

Now, most homeowners commonly rely on their air ducts for both cool and warm air throughout the entire year, and that means they get a lot of usage. This might lead you to wonder if you need to have ducts serviced with something like an air duct cleaning. Here are the basic facts on that.

A Dirty Duct Is An Unhealthy One

whyFortunately, provided you don’t physically interfere with your air ducts, these important parts of your home generally take care of themselves and, like your drainage pipe, require very little servicing.

They are designed to be airtight and durable, with no moving parts, so it’s quite normal for them to be used for the entire life of a home. However, even if the physical condition of your air ducts is good, cleanliness can be an issue.

Dirt can’t hurt your air ducts, but they can hurt you. Mold spores, dander from pets, and, if rodents take up residence your ductwork, virulent contaminants from their fur and waste can all pose anywhere from moderate to serious health risks.

When To Get A Duct Cleaning

3to5yearsUnder ordinary circumstances, your air ducts will largely take care of themselves. If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your ducts are clean, a good average is between 3-5 years for a cleaning.

However, if you’re thinking of selling your home, or you’ve just bought one, now is a good time as well. On the other hand, if you are noticing that you or people in the home are experiencing allergic reactions while inside, think about getting an air duct cleaning.

If you’ve just had rodents exterminated and you were told they took up residence in the duct, get them cleaned. If you smell something musty every time your AC turns on, or you see actual dirt/dust or spores coming out of your vents, it’s definitely time for a cleaning.

Keeping It Clean In Between

airductOne of the best things you can do is help keep your air ducts cleaner between professional air duct cleaning sessions. This isn’t that hard to do, it just means you remain diligent about other, necessary household chores.

One of the biggest is your HVAC filter. Try to stick to the recommended replacement period of every three months at the latest. If you want to really be sure, you can also switch to a monthly replacement schedule.

The other important task is to make sure your home is clean! Regularly sweeping up dirt, and vacuuming your home for dust and pet fur/dander will mean these contaminants stay in your vacuum or trash and don’t get a chance to drift into your air ducts where they can anchor on and stay there.

We rely on our HVAC systems throughout the year in Fargo, ND, so it’s important to make sure they stay clean. The last thing you want is for the system that keeps you comfortable to subject you to constant, daily allergic reactions.