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Outdoor Plumbing

Prepare Your Outdoor Plumbing with these 4 Springtime Essentials

How ready for summertime tasks is the outdoor plumbing system on your Fargo, ND home? Although it may not feel like it quite yet, springtime is almost here, and all the outdoor tasks and activities that come along with its arrival.

You and your loved ones deserve a healthy supply of cool, refreshing water to fill up your pool, run through the sprinkler, and tend to your yard with. That’s why we’ve compiled the four springtime essentials to getting your outdoor plumbing system ready for the warmer months of the year, including:

Make Sure Your Hoses are Leak-Free

Outdoor HosesAs an essential tool for many outdoor tasks, a hose that is free of leaks can help you carry out these tasks effectively while also saving you water.

With adequate pressure and zero leaks, your home’s outdoor hose can target water use at a specific area so that you can nourish the area as quickly as possible.

To inspect the integrity of your hose, reattach it to your home’s external water connection and let water flow through it. If you notice any leaks springing up from the hose, or an unexpected puddle of water when the hose is turned off, the hose will need either to be patched or replaced.

Check Sprinklers for Damage

SprinklerIn Fargo, ND, in-ground sprinkler systems can be effective in keeping your lawn and garden green during the warmest months of the year.

However, for these systems to be effective, they must be able to spray water at a high-pressure over a large area. When a sprinkler head is damaged, or a connecting line is leaking, the water pressure will decrease.

Springtime is the best time to inspect your sprinkler, as you can address the issue before the sprinkler is necessary to keep your yard thriving.

To inspect your sprinkler system, turn on the connecting faucet and let it run for a brief period. Make sure that the sprinklers are spraying water where needed, and that no large puddles of water are coming from the ground, as this is a sign of a burst or leaking connective pipe.

Regularly Check/Clean Your Home’s Gutters for Maximum Effectiveness

Home Gutters When was the last time that you cleaned your home’s gutters? Ideally, this task should be completed twice a year: once during the fall, and once during the spring.

By clearing out and inspecting your gutters, you can protect your home better from the large amounts of rain that spring and summer bring along with it.

When gutters are left unchecked or unclean, outdoor debris can form blockages which can impact your home both internally and externally. In the springtime, take the time to clean your gutters and drain pipes of debris. If you are unable to do so yourself, get in touch with an outdoor plumbing professional.

Inspect Outdoor Faucets on a Regular Basis

Outdoor Faucet Without properly functioning outdoor faucets, much of your outdoor plumbing system will be ineffective. To comprehensively inspect your outdoor faucets, turn them on and check that there is adequate water pressure. If you notice a lack of water pressure as compared to previous years, take the time to check the connecting water pipe.

If you notice a water puddle, a leak in the pipe, or low water pressure, immediately contact your local plumbing professional. With spring almost here, there is no better time to prepare your outdoor plumbing to maximize summer fun.