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FAQ’s About Stop and Waste Valves

If you are a homeowner with an irrigation sprinkler system on your property, that sprinkler system also has a stop-and-waste valve somewhere on your property. The stop-and-waste valve is extremely important to the overall working condition of your sprinkler system.

It is common for homeowners to not know what a stop-and-waste valve is, let alone where it is located. However, this could potentially cost you money that you didn’t need to spend.

When a stop-and-waste valve is left untouched, damages can get expensive quickly. To learn more about what a stop-and-waste valve is and why maintenance is so important, continue reading below.

Sprinkler Stop and Waste Valves: What Are They?

Sprinkler system stop-and-waste valves are extremely important because they keep the sprinkler line from freezing over in the winter. It is a key irrigation fitting that is turned on and of with a meter key. The off position is what allows the water to completely drain from the system.

what are waste valvesThe key mechanical components of a stop-and-waste valve are pretty simple in nature. Some of these key mechanical components are:
  • A Metal Fitting That Is Open on Both Ends
  • A Knob at the Top of the Valve
  • Meter Keyhole at the Top of the Valve

Essentially, you want to turn the valve to the off position at the end of the warm season. This will ensure that no water freezes in your water line over the winter.

Knowing the Location of Your Stop and Waste Valve Is Important

If you are going to take care of your sprinkler system and turn off your stop-and-waste valve every year, you first have to know where the valve is located. This is of the utmost importance. Without knowing the location of your valve or how to reach it, there is no way you will be able to turn the valve off.


Usually, these valves are located within three to five feet below the surface. It is the standpipe that is located directly above the valve that reaches ground level and allows you access to the valve. It is because of the standpipe that you can reach the valve with a meter key to turn it on and off.

To locate the standpipe, you will want to look for a black circular piece in your yard. It will probably be located closer to the home. Removing this black piece will give you access to your stop-and-waste valve.

The Cost of Improper Usage

sprinkler stop and waste costWinter is over and springtime is upon us. This is the time of year that you typically see the most repairs to stop-and-waste valves. It is crucial to the livelihood of your home that you get your stop-and-waste valve fixed before any other problems arise, and these problems happen quickly and without warning.

When your stop-and-waste valve isn’t working, it’s probably because water froze in the line. This then leads to a plumbing emergency, like the water line bursting, which can quickly lead to water backing up within the home.

The last thing anyone wants is to wake up to a flooded home. Save yourself the trouble of paying for water damage in your home by making sure your stop-and-waste valve is always in the correct position.

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