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The Working Parts of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are intriguing appliances for the millions of people that own them. In fact, learning how an air conditioner works is one FAQ in the industry. Some are merely interested in the unit’s workings, while others would like to be able to save some money and fix their units without the aid of a trained technician.

While experts can share this knowledge with the public, it must be known that when dealing with anything hooked up to electricity, there is danger involved. That is why it is highly recommended to always call in a trained professional to service your AC unit. That said, to learn how your air conditioning works, continue reading below.

The Mechanics of Your AC Unit

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Air conditioning units are actually complex appliances. There aren’t a huge number of parts that keep your unit working efficiently, but if one of these parts is even slightly compromised, you will see the repercussions in your ac unit’s efficiency.

There are four key air conditioning parts, but there are many reasons why one of these could cause problems within the unit. That is why you still need the expertise of a professional to thoroughly diagnose what is wrong and begin properly fixing it.

The mechanical parts that keep your air conditioner working are:

  • Refrigerant
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Compressor
  • Condenser

How It All Works

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Essentially, the heat in your home is absorbed and transferred into cool air with the help of a refrigerant. The refrigerant is located inside the coils that guide it along the path throughout your ac unit.

When the refrigerant reaches the compressor it is heated into a vapor and then exposed to the outside air when it reaches the condenser, which absorbs the heat within the refrigerant vapor. It is then that the cool air is guided into your home and the process begins again.

All of these parts are continuously working together to achieve and maintain a cool temperature for you. Once your home has reached the desired temperature set on the thermostat, the unit will stop the process. It only begins again when the desired temperature increases. If the temperature continues to drop, the ac unit will not turn back on.

When to Call a Professional

pro helpKnowing how an air conditioning unit works isn’t enough to be able to repair one on your own. AC units run on electricity which means there are up to 3,500 watts of power running through the unit at any given moment.

The wires and circuits located within the unit can get confusing quickly if you aren’t a trained professional tradesman.

A professional will be able to diagnose and fix the problem as well as locating other problematic areas within your unit. As a result, getting yearly maintenance done by a professional will actually save you money in the end.

Laney’s Inc. Knows HVAC Systems

Laney’s Inc. has served the residents of Fargo for over 60 years and aren’t stopping anytime soon. They understand the frustrations associated with AC units and the dangers that can occur when they aren’t repaired quickly enough.