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A Few HVAC Maintenance Tips that Make Preventing Costly Repairs Easy

HVAC is a crucial part of home life that a lot of homeowners tend to forget. It’s not hard to see why since central heating and air conditioning are usually tucked away, out of sight, usually in the basement, where no one has to deal with it.

But an HVAC system is the piece of technology that allows people in North Dakota to live, sleep and even work in comfort in their homes during the winter, or beat the heat in the summer. And while it works hard for you all year long, that doesn’t mean it can run endlessly without problems.

But we have some tips you can easily implement to make sure your HVAC continues to run smoothly.

Inspect Outdoor Fixtures

clean-outdoor-acModern furnaces and air conditioners will require ways to both take in air to process, as well as to purge waste, such as steam, or even water.

To ensure that you get maximum performance out of your HVAC, it’s important that these intakes and outlets have clear, unobstructed flow.

That’s why it’s a good idea to periodically check out these fixtures outside.

Your condenser has many openings for taking in that outside air, and they can easily be blocked by dirt, leaves, or other outdoor debris.

The vents for spewing steam from a furnace may get occupied during the summer by a bird that thought the opening would make a good nest.

Make sure this hasn’t happened to you.

Replace Filters Regularly

The usual standard for replacing the filter in your HVAC system is three months, but this can vary a lot ac-filterdepending on what kind of home life you have.

For normal households, a seasonal change is enough, as the filter captures and holds onto a normal number of contaminants and prevents them from being circulated throughout your home.

For other homeowners, you may need to change the filters more frequently.

If you have a lot of pets, if you or other members of the household are smokers who light up indoors, or even if you have a hobby like woodworking that releases a lot of sawdust into the air from your home workshop, this changes things.

Get a Yearly Tune Up

When you’re driving a car all year, a tune-up is always a good idea, and that’s something most people will leave to a qualified mechanic.

The same is true of your HVAC system and experienced technicians.

tune-upGet the help of a professional who can do a quick, technical inspection of all aspects of your HVAC system and give it the care it needs.

The coolant in your air conditioner may need refilling, or some parts of your ventilation system may need to be cleaned out.

This can often find small problems and take care of them before they balloon into costly repairs at a later date.