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The Best Way to Prepare HVAC Systems for the Fall and Winter Months

It’s about to be the time of year when the heater will start seeing more and more use. When things start to cool down, there’s no better time to get a head start on heater maintenance. Even though the heater may not be seeing steady use for another month or so, it’s always best to act early on these things to avoid any issues down the line. So read on to find out how to prevent a heating emergency this fall or winter with heater maintenance.

What’s So Important About Heater Maintenance?

As mentioned above, the most important thing heater maintenance does is to help prevent a breakdown when the heater is needed most. These systems aren’t meant to run forever without care, which is exactly what maintenance is. But preventing emergencies isn’t the only thing that heater maintenance does.

Proper maintenance also helps to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. When a heating system isn’t properly maintained, there are several things that can go wrong but won’t necessarily be noticeable right away. Instead, the efficiency of the system can suffer, which means that the heating bill can go up, costing the homeowners money.

When Is Too Early to Worry About Heater Maintenance?


HVAC experts suggest that maintenance should be done twice a year - once in the spring for the air conditioner and once in the fall for the heater. But is there such a thing as too early? Fall doesn’t technically start until the end of September, but that doesn’t mean late August or early September is too early. In fact, it’s often the best time to schedule maintenance.

Many people wait until October or November to schedule their maintenance, but when the heater first starts getting steady use is usually when things go wrong. Suddenly, all the HVAC professionals are busy because everyone is calling them to fix their broken heaters. So scheduling HVAC maintenance early is a great way to beat the crowds.

heater maintenaceWhat’s Involved in Standard Heater Maintenance?

Fall heater maintenance is about more than just visually inspecting the unit and ensuring that it’s functioning properly to heat the home. In fact, it’s a complete diagnosis of the system, both inside and out. Some of the more important things done during heater maintenance include checking for vent and intake blockages, which can cause serious problems if not addressed. HVAC techs will also clean and inspect the ignitor, check the gas pressure, and check all the electrical connections. They will also check the heater exchanger, lubricate any moving parts, check the fan belt, and test the blower motor.

Fall maintenance also provides homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from having their heater checked. They can rest easy knowing that the heater is in good condition for the fall and winter. But it’s important for homeowners to get a trusted and reputable company to perform the maintenance!

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