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Energy Efficiency

Easy Tricks to Conserve Energy and Stay Comfortable During the Coldest Season

By following the guidance of equipment experts and taking on small home maintenance tasks this winter season, you can save money and keep your Fargo, ND home at the optimal comfortable temperature throughout the coming months.

It’s why many are now working with our experts in planning out their strategies for keeping warm in the winter season. In this latest post, we’ll go into detail on several easy tricks that you and your family can use to conserve energy when turning up the heating system.

Add Insulation to Your Windows

Insulated WindowsThe latest data shows that 15-to-35% of the heat loss in the average North American home is through the windows.

Simply adding the ideal insulation to your home windows can help you to consolidate your home heating costs significantly for the coming months.

Insulating products such as weather stripping and rubber can be used on the windows to help seal in the warm air and keep your family protected. You might also consider working with local professionals to upgrade your windows in time to save on winter heating costs.

Add Caulking to Window Frames

Window Caulking Caulking plays a valuable role in protecting your home against the cooler temperatures outside throughout the winter.

But many homeowners don’t have a clear understanding of why they need caulking around their window frames.

It’s imperative the caulking is kept in immaculate condition; otherwise small holes can appear which allow heat to escape the home.

Make sure you use a high-quality caulking product if you plan on taking on this work by yourself. The caulking product you use should be 100% waterproof to protect the home against frost and cooler moisture during the late winter season.

Switch the Direction of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling FanTo help keep your home at the optimal warm temperature throughout the cooler months, you might consider switching the direction of ceiling fans.

The process helps to draw cool air up from in the living space and ensures that warm air fills the space below. The data shows that simply making this switch can help reduce winter heating costs by as much as 10%.

The tips in this article can help you to save money on your home heating this coming winter season and ensure your home remains at the optimal temperature throughout! Make sure that you contact local experts if you have any questions about the tasks discussed in this post.