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Your Complete Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality During Your Next Home Renovation

Keeping your air breathable during a home renovation is a huge concern, but one that is often overlooked when people are planning how they are going to live during a home renovation.

They might be more concerned with the situational aspects, such as moving their sleeping quarters to a quieter area, eating out more often or arranging to borrow a neighbor’s bathroom for a while.

Unfortunately, it is not until the renovations have started that many people realize the serious impact that the strong odors, fumes, and dust have on their ability to breathe in their own home.

Fortunately, there measures that you can take to help improve your air quality during the renovation and make it easier for you, your family and your pets to stay there without too much interruption to your daily routine.

Don’t Use Your HVAC System During Renovations

PlanUnless the temperature outside is forbidding it, do not turn on your HVAC system while workers are actively working in your home.

This is because these systems, especially any fan units can suck up the contaminated air in the rooms being worked on and spread the dust throughout your system, dirtying the ducts and fouling the air.

Insist that your contractors use dust-control methods while renovating, which involves lightly misting housing materials so that the dust is dampened and does not rise upwards.

If you must use your heating and ventilation system, make sure that the air filters are examined for large amounts of dirt and dust before you turn it on and replace them if necessary.

Seal Off Areas to Be Renovated From Other Areas in Your Home

Before you even begin the renovation, make a plan about how you are going to live through the ordeal by identifying the areas to be worked on and making them off limits for living.

You should make sure that the doors to these areas are closed and that they are sealed with plastic draping and tape. This prevents dust from drilling, sawing and other renovation activities from permeating your living areas.

Use Portable Fans and Air Cleaners to Manage Air Quality

Air FilterOne of the best ways to manage your indoor air quality is to use fans and open windows in the sealed off rooms to direct paint, glue and varnish fumes outside.

Keep one or two portable air cleaners on hand that you can move from room to room to help clear the air of where you are cooking, sleeping or living of mold spores, dust particles, and allergens.

Despite your best efforts, you may notice dust accumulating on surfaces and it is a good idea to remove it with a damp cloth as soon as possible if it is landing in your cooking, sleeping and bathing areas.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with a New HVAC System

If you are planning a renovation, Fargo ND homeowners might also want to consider installing a new HVAC system. There is no better way to improve the overall air quality in your home at any time and you can save up to 15% on your annual energy bill. Newer HVAC systems also require less maintenance and the air filters are easier to replace without the help of a professional.

However, whether your system is newer or older, you should have your furnace, air conditioner and ducts inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This makes sure that they are never blocked and that the air you are breathing in your home is always fresh, clean and odorless.