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Top 4 Tips for a Cozy and Efficient Winter Home

As winter rages on outside, you need to count on reliable heat and excellent air quality within the walls of your home. With the high cost of heat and potential problems resulting from dry air, it is well worth your while to be active in helping your home heat effectively and inexpensively.

You’ve got to look at your furnace itself as well as at your home, because there could be deficiencies which are making your furnace work harder than it has to.

We’ve compiled our 4 top tips that will keep you toasty warm and keep money in your wallet this winter.

1. Winterizing Your Home

Your furnace can be working well, but if your home isn’t air tight that costly warm air is floating outdoors. Active protect the barrier against the cold by taking care of any potential problems.

If you have older windows, it might even be worth getting new ones from an energy efficiency standpoint. At the very least, lay window film overtop, which will keep warm air from floating out the pores in the glass. Also fill in any cracks in the seals with caulking.

Keep your garage door closed. Make sure that all areas of your home are adequately insulated. If you have a fireplace, enjoy the warmth that it provides, but always close the flue afterwards. Insert a chimney balloon when not in place for a sturdier barrier.

how_old_is_your_thermostat-jpg2. Programmable Pros

If you haven’t upgraded your thermostat, then now is the time to do so. Not only does a programmable thermostat keep you from paying for heat you don’t need, it also improves the quality of your life through comfort.

No more waking up in a chilly bedroom or arriving home from work afraid to take your coat off until the house heats up.

Programmable thermostats let you engage in zone heating as well, which means that you can choose which areas of your home receive full heat, and which don’t need as much because of lower use.

3. Schedule a Heating Tune Up

Just like you bring your car to be serviced every once in awhile, so should you do the same for your furnace. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing that you can count on heat when you need it most- in the depths of winter.

Getting maintenance done also means that your system will be as energy efficiency as possible, which is going to save you money on your heating bills.

4. Install a Humidifierhumidifier_staywarm_winter

Counter the irritations and potential health problems that dry air in the winter cause by installing a whole home humidifier. It works in conjunction with your furnace to re-introduce moisture back into the air as it is heated.

Don’t wait until your heater breaks down to have it serviced. In the Fargo area, call to schedule your appointment with Laney’s today at (701)-237-0543.