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Stone Counters and New Kitchen Sink Install

Any guess as to how much time on average you spend in your kitchen? Unofficially, estimates suggest that most people spend on average 6 hours a week, cooking, eating and gathering together for meals. That is why it is worth it to do a kitchen remodel to get the configuration and design that suits your usage patterns and your style of kitchen plumbing.

A very popular choice is stone countertops because of their clean lines and chic look. While stone is incredibly durable and well-suited for a kitchen, it can be more challenging to cut and to install. That's why you should take special care while you are putting in your kitchen sink.
Here is what you need to do:

Call Your Plumber

“callaplumber”Even if you are handy, this is a job that is recommended for certified professionals. Between the necessity for accuracy as well as all the details and skill that surround a kitchen sink install.

Because of this, it is a comfort to be able to rely on your Fargo, ND plumber's training, tools, and certification. Doing this on your own can be frustrating, and you might be prone to errors.

The Sink Selection

“matchingsink”There is inspiration all around when it comes to kitchen design, with the ample supply of design magazines and T.V. programs, you shouldn't have trouble finding something that you like.

However, in addition to the way a sink looks, consider how you are going to use it. Do you cook a lot? A double basin is great for prep and washing dishes. Do you cook a lot of produce? The deep basin sink is best then.

Do you like the seamless look of an undermount sink and does your cabinet space permit installation of this kitchen plumbing? Don’t forget a bigger sink means less counter space so make sure that it makes sense for you.

Learn About Measurements

“rightmeasurement”Once you've selected what kind of sink you might like, take the measurements in your kitchen and double-check them so that you don't make mistakes.

If you are off, you may have too big of a hole in your countertop that will be a challenge to seal - you may face a lot of leaks and water damage.

If too small, you might have to re-cut the stone, which could cause damage to the countertops. You could be looking at having to re-purchase your counter, your sink or both. It’s worth the extra time to get it right.