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Avoid Low Water Pressure

Thanks to the world-wide phenomenon called the internet, homeowners are able to learn more than ever before. Self-education is winning the day and many are learning how to maximize knowledge to keep their homes in top working shape. Plumbers everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, using the internet to help educate homeowners about common household plumbing issues.

The more education, the better-prepared people are to not just fix issues that arise, but many will be able to prevent them altogether. In this article, you’ll learn tips the plumbers use for preventing low water pressure and fixing it if it happens.

What’s Causing the Low Pressure?

reasons for low water pressureLow water pressure can occur for several reasons, all of which you as a homeowner can check. One popular low water pressure cause is time, older faucets often begin to show signs of wear by rusting away and leaking.

When faucets get clogged by rust, the flow of water will be impeded and you’ll experience low water pressure. Another issue can arise from the small screen called an aerator. Your faucet’s aerator is found in the faucet head. If that becomes clogged, it will effectively restrict water from flowing and it will appear as low water pressure.

If you have a clog in your pipes, this will also slow the flow of water, causing it to appear like you have a pressure issue. Finally, check your water valves to ensure both your city valve and the valve nearest your house are both turned on completely.

Tips for Fixing Low Water Pressure

For each of the reasons that cause the problems listed above, you’ll be able to apply a solution to fix low water pressure. If your older faucets are the cause of low pressure due to a buildup of rust, the solution is to replace your faucets. While this may sound like a daunting project, faucet replacement is quite simple.

Make sure your new faucet fits the same holes as your old faucet by purchasing a faucet to fit the same number of holes cut out in your sink. Most come with all the hardware you’ll need to completely replace your faucet. If you have a clogged aerator, the fix is as simple as removing the screen, cleaning it out, and putting it back on.

fixing low water pressure

If the water valves are found partially closed, be sure to open them wide to maximize the amount of water going into your house. Finally, if clogged pipes are your problem, you’ll likely need to call in a plumber to diagnose the problem. Do this as soon as you notice a clog forming and you should be able to catch it before the clog gets out of hand.

Preventing Low Water Pressure

preventing low water pressurePreventing low water pressure requires plumbing repair basics, like simple maintenance. Regularly check your pipes to ensure clear drainage and flow. If you notice any slowing of water pressure, the first sign is the best time to check for issues related to clogs, leaks, and other common water pressure issues.

The sooner you catch potential problems, the easier it will be to prevent them from becoming significant drainage and water pressure problems later on. Additionally, you can always do your best to keep miscellaneous items out of your sinks and toilets.

For example, keep a garbage can near the toilet so guests can throw larger items in there instead of down the toilet. For kitchen sinks, always be sure to avoid throwing grease down the drain as this can create blockages too.

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