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The Best Ways to Fix the Central HVAC System

Being a homeowner can be amazing in many ways. Owning a home comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It comes with a high financial value since a person’s home often ends up being one of the highest valued assets a person will own in their life. And it comes with a sense of privacy and safety.

But there are also times when being a homeowner is not so fun. Things start to experience wear and tear, they break down, need to be replaced, or need to be updated. With so many changes and maintenance needs, it can be challenging and stressful trying to keep up with everything.

So who wants an easy way to fix their central HVAC unit and prevent HVAC problems in the future? For those that rhetorically raised their hands, know that there are many other people who did the same! Most homeowners want to find simple solutions to common HVAC problems. These easy tips and tricks can help homeowners get started.

Melting Ice on the Condensate Drain Line Can Help

ice meltingRefrigerant is one of the most critical moving pieces in an HVAC system. The refrigerant has a very specific job: absorb heat from the indoor air and transform that heat from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid.

After this change has been made, the refrigerant moves to the outdoor unit where fans blow, cool the refrigerant and turn the liquid back into a gas. This process should flow smoothly. However, if there’s a refrigerant leak, there tend to be a few hiccups along the road.

For instance, a refrigerant leak can cause parts of the HVAC system to freeze. The best way to clean up the mess and fix this problem is to melt the ice that is on the condensate drain line. This thawing process helps prevent other parts of the HVAC system from malfunctioning.

Clean the Outdoor Unit to Be Free of Debris

The outdoor unit tends to be out of sight and out of mind. Though it may seem separate from the rest of the house and HVAC unit and is often forgotten, the outdoor unit does play a critical role in the functionality and efficiency of the HVAC system. When the unit gets filled with gunk, dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris, it has a difficult time operating, which causes the efficiency of the HVAC unit to head downhill fast.

cleaning hvac

This year, add “clean condenser unit” to the list of spring cleaning. It may take a little time to do, but a clean outdoor unit allows the HVAC system to function properly and efficiently.

Start Scheduling Regular Maintenance Checks

schedulingWhen it comes to products like cars, people know that regular maintenance of that car is required. The car needs to have its oil changed about every six months. It needs to have its tires rotated regularly. It needs gas to run.

It needs to be washed when it gets too dirty. And the list goes on. Car owners know this, and the majority of them follow through on these regular technical maintenance checks. However, many homeowners will forget that this same concept is true for HVAC systems.

They need to be kept clean, they need to be updated if components are experiencing wear and tear, and they should be checked by a professional regularly. Preventative maintenance is the best way to identify small problems before they turn into a messier situation.

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