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It’s Time Dad Got a New Toilet

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time dad got treated with something extra nice. Homeowners can make the king of the house feel special with a brand new throne to sit on. Plumbing plays an essential role in the modern household, and at the top of that is the toilet. Every home has at least one toilet, and they all get used multiple times a day for years on end. Of course, there comes a time when toilet installation is necessary, but homeowners don’t have to wait that long. Sometimes homeowners just get tired of looking at the same old toilet and want an upgrade, or maybe they are redoing the entire bathroom. Whatever the case may be, this year, Father’s Day is the perfect excuse! 

Here Are a Few Signs That Dad Needs a New Toilettoilet

Regardless of why homeowners decide to purchase a new toilet, there comes a time in every toilet’s life when replacement is necessary. If dad has been complaining that his toilet is too low, uncomfortable, too small, then it is time to upgrade his throne for Father’s Day. If dad just wants a new design, it’s time to upgrade his throne for Father’s Day. But if dad complains that the toilet doesn’t flush properly, then it’s a necessary time to upgrade for Father’s Day. 

Below are a few signs that a toilet upgrade is necessary:

  • It won’t stop running
  • The bottom leaks
  • It is cracked somewhere
  • The toilet is old 
  • It experiences frequent clogs

The Top Toilets To Choose From

There are so many different toilet options on the market today. It can make the decision-making process nearly impossible. One of the first things homeowners need to decide is whether or not they are looking for a water-saving toilet. This type of toilet is the most environmentally-friendly option but isn’t necessarily the most budget-friendly as far as the upfront pricing goes. They help to save on monthly bills but cost a little more upfront. 

Another decision the homeowner has to make is whether they are design-focused or functionality-focused. Again, the homeowner will need to base their decision on what make and model to choose. 

Even after narrowing down the options, there are still countless toilets to choose from. In most cases, it might be best if homeowners consult with a professional before even going to the store and getting their hopes set on one specific thing. 

Get a Professional Measurement Before Buyingmeasure

Another reason homeowners should call a professional before ever entering a store or purchasing anything is that the current plumbing condition would need to be checked out, along with obtaining the proper measurements. Different toilets have different dimensions and require different spaces. It is best that the homeowner contacts a professional before purchasing so they don’t accidentally buy the wrong thing. 

Homeowners Trust Laney’s Inc. 

Fargo residents can rest easy knowing the professionals of Laney’s Inc. are around to keep their home plumbing systems clean and efficient for years to come. They’ve served the local area long enough now that they’ve become a trusted part of many people’s homes. It’s time to call today to schedule toilet plumbing service!