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Central AC or Ductless Systems: How to Choose

Summer is heating up, and that means long hot days are just on the horizon. Ahead of these ultra-warm months, homeowners should ready their home air conditioning systems. But the question is: should they go for central air conditioning or ductless cooling?

These two systems operate differently, but both aim to achieve the same goal: cooling the home. Central air conditioning and ductless cooling offer an array of unique benefits, so homeowners should understand these differences. Read on to learn the benefits of each!

Central AC Benefits

hvac Let’s begin with an overview of the benefits of central air conditioning. The greatest benefit of central air conditioning is that it can cool the entire home, rather than just a single room at a time, as is found with ductless systems. There are several other benefits as well:
  • Aesthetic – because these systems run via the ductwork, central air conditioning is largely hidden out of sight
  • Efficiency – if homeowners have newer air conditioning models, in particular, these can be extremely efficient, which is a big plus when it comes to monthly energy bills
  • Home value – central air conditioning systems can add value to the home when it comes time to sell

Central air conditioning provides many benefits, which is why it is popular among many homeowners. However, ductless systems also offer several benefits that can make them the preferred system for other homeowners.

Ductless System Benefits


The primary alternative to central air conditioning is ductless cooling. As the name implies, these cooling systems do not require any complicated ductwork, which is one of their biggest benefits. This is great for homes that are older or have no existing ductwork.

But this is not the only benefit! Ductless systems also provide a wide range of other benefits, including:

  • Efficiency – these are extremely efficient systems, and certain models have some of the highest efficiency ratings
  • Installation – these are considerably easier to install relative to central air conditioning systems since they are not as complicated and intricate
  • Size – given that these systems do not operate with ductwork, their size offers a lot more flexibility to homeowners concerning where they want to provide cooling in the home

Thus, it is clear that ductless systems are a great alternative to central air conditioning systems and still allow homeowners to cool their homes!

Additional Cooling Options

Central air conditioning and ductless systems are some of the most popular options among homeowners, but there are also others. For example:

  • Fans – ceiling fans or portable plug-in fans are a great option, as they can circulate hot air to help cool individual rooms
  • Portable air conditioners – these are self-contained systems that can cool single rooms; they often have wheels that allow for easy movement and relocation
  • Window units – these are the simplest; they are typically mounted in a window and plug into a traditional electrical outlet

Homeowners should review all of these air conditioning options to see which best fit their needs and preferences.

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