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Why You Should Never Ignore a Small Leak

The sound of water dripping in the basement is a common sound in many homes across North Dakota. Most people start to ignore the noise of water leaking in their homes because a water leak is just a simple annoyance, right? Wrong! Often a simple water leak is actually a sign of bigger dangers lurking just around the corner, like a burst pipe.

We’re going to talk today about exactly how that small, seemingly benign water leak can transform very quickly into a costly burst pipe, and how you can prevent that from happening in your home.

So What Exactly is a Burst Pipe?

burstpipeBurst pipes happen due to the water pressure of having gallons and gallons of water constantly dripping through a small hole (water leak) in your plumbing system.

That pressure continues to build up and, over time, starts further chipping away at that small hole. This causes a once-tiny hole to develop into a larger break in your plumbing - eventually allowing that water pressure to cause a pipe to burst.

These holes can be caused by a variety of different factors, including corrosion or rusting of your pipes, hard water, and calcium deposit buildup, or simply improper installation of the pipes in the first place. Whatever the cause, water leaks need to be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid a fully burst pipe.

How Can You Prevent a Water Leak?

waterleakObviously, we now know that fixing a small water leak is much easier and far cheaper than repairing the damage done from a burst pipe. But how can you recognize the symptoms of a water leak and prevent them from happening?

While a water leak might not always be obvious, there are a few signs to watch out for that could indicate you have one present in your home. Look for small puddles that seem to keep appearing, especially those under your sinks in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Also, keep an eye out for damp spots on the walls or on the flooring. An unpleasant odor in your home will also accompany a larger water leak, as will suddenly much more expensive water bills. If you recognize any of the above signs, contact our licensed Fargo plumbers to come take a closer look.

The Key Is Safe Plumbing

safeplumbingIn all things, and especially in plumbing situations, it’s always much better to be safe than sorry. Routine pipe inspections are a great way to keep things in check and to prevent water leaks and other expensive and dangerous issues before they start.

Having a licensed plumber do a walk through to look not only for the obvious signs of problems but also some of the ones that are not as noticeable can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you notice any symptoms of a water leak in your home or if you just simply want to schedule a routine inspection, contact our office at (701) 237-0543. We’ll be happy to come take a look and recommend any services we think are necessary to keep your home dry all year long!