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Should Professional Plumbing be Considered an Art?

What is "art?" This is a question that has plagued artists for decades. Many view art as an expression of the artist's thoughts or emotions. Others say that art is a reflection of the world the artist lives in. The famous painter Andy Warhol once said that "art is anything you can get away with."

Have you ever considered that art could even be found in something as ordinary as professional plumbing? As unconventional as it may seem to speak of art and plumbing services in the same context, there are many ways that professional plumbing falls into the same category as art. Read on to find out how.

When Did it Become an Art?

“alwaysart”The simple answer is that professional plumbing became an art somewhere around 3,000 BC when the first pipes were believed to be invented. To put it plainly, plumbing was always art.

How? Well, we get our word "art" from the Middle English word "artifice" which speaks of something that doesn't exist in nature. So by the mere fact that someone made primitive pipes more than 5,000 years ago, plumbing can be considered an art.

Other definitions of the word "art" refer to a particular skill or skill set, as well as a knowledge, and a specific process. This definition uses the word "sciences." This definition is the one that comes from the Latin word "ars." Because plumbers around the world use their skill set to follow a process and repair our homes' plumbing, they should, by definition, be considered artists!

What Does The Art of Modern of Plumbing Look Like?

“modernplumbing”The art of modern plumbing is showcased around the world today in a variety of ways. From world famous fountains like Bethesda Fountain in New York’s Central Park (made famous as the scene of the opening credits for the sitcom Friends) to modern art installations like Crown Fountain in Chicago.

You can also see modern plumbing at its best in Disney theme parks around the world in shows like the nighttime spectacular, Fantasmic!

All of these show the art of plumbing in different ways, because plumbing can be so versatile, and used in so many different ways. It can be as simple as running water through a fountain, in the same way, every day for decades, or it can spray a specifically timed stream across a terrace as long as a football field. In the case of Fantasmic! The wonder of modern plumbing can even make fountains synchronize to music and "dance," or act as a screen for images and colors to be projected onto!

Suburban Applications of Plumbing Arts

“communityplumbing”You don't have to travel around the world, or even to Disneyland, to see the beauty of modern day plumbing art. You can witness the art of plumbing right here in Fargo, ND, every day through its suburban uses, like public drinking fountains and even common sewer systems.

The skills displayed by professional plumbers in these seemingly mundane things should be appreciated every bit as much as the intricate fountains and art displays we previously discussed.

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