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Make Sure Frozen Pipes Don’t Ruin the Holiday Magic 

With the holidays around the corner, the last thing any homeowner needs to deal with on top of preparing for festivities is a frozen pipe problem. While a snowy holiday season always adds to the magic, it can also come with a plethora of pipe problems. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent the catastrophe that is frozen pipes! In this article, plumbing experts share the three best ways to prevent frozen pipes this winter so homeowners can go into the holiday season with one less thing on their plates. 

Keep Pipes Insulated


First things first, making sure pipes are properly insulated is one of the best foolproof ways for homeowners to ensure their pipes are prepared to fight those freezing temperatures. This may sound like a daunting task considering there are a decent amount of pipes that run through the house, but the good news is that it is most important to focus on the pipes that are not located near heated areas of the home. 

For example, pipes in an unheated attic or crawl space and pipes in the garage are typically in unheated areas. These are the ones that are more susceptible to freezing. So, after locating those exposed pipes, there are a few different ways homeowners can insulate them, including using pipe wrap, foam pipe sleeves, or adding wall insulation.

For the best results, homeowners should consult professionals in the process of insulating their pipes. 

Let the Faucets Drip


This is the one time drippy faucets may be a good thing! Another classic way homeowners can prevent frozen pipes is by running water at a low volume or drip. Obviously, homeowners don’t want to keep their sink at a constant high volume stream because that would really rack up the water bill, but keeping the faucet at a low drip when temperatures drop to freezing allows the water to continually move through the pipe, making it more difficult for the water to freeze. 

Don’t Touch the Thermostat!

Last but most definitely not least is keeping the temperature consistent. Everyone knows at least one person who loves to set the thermostat a little lower during the night time for ideal sleeping temperatures or to save a little cash, but that may have to be a habit homeowners suspend for their pipe’s sake. 

By maintaining a consistent temperature of at least 55°F throughout both the day and night, homeowners do not have to risk the temperature of the pipes dropping at night as they lower their thermostat. While many people lower the temperature at night to save a few bucks when it’s time to add up the bills, in the end, it would cost more to fix a frozen or cracked pipe. So, homeowners should pick an ideal temperature for both day and night and let it be!

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