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Let the Plumbing Games Begin! 

Ever wondered what kind of tools plumbers carry in their toolbelts? To learn the standard plumbing tools, let’s look at them as if they were the contestants on a game show. For professional plumbing contractors, it is essential to find their perfect match, and by ideal partner, we’re talking about drain snakes, wrenches, and safety equipment. Let’s get started with the first bachelor in our game show!

Bachelor Number One: Drain Snakes 


Drain snakes also called drain augers, are long metal pieces that extend down a drain to remove a clog. Plumbers choose from various drain snakes depending on what job needs to get done. The length of the drain snake is the main difference between the types. 

Toilet augers are drain snakes made for unclogging toilet clogs. A plumber can use a toilet auger to remove the clog when a plunger can't get the job done. 

Shower and washing machine drain snakes need long enough to reach deep clogs. These types of drain snakes are called top snakes. Drain machines are used for clearing heavy-duty blockages deep in the plumbing system and can reach 100 ft and more extended. 

Bachelor Number Two: Wrenches

wrenchesOur second bachelor on the plumbing game show is wrenched. They’re super versatile and a must-have in every plumber’s toolbelt. Most professional plumbers deal with a lot of piping each day, so having an adjustable pipe wrench is essential. They have teeth on end to get a firm grip on pipes and come in various sizes. 

Basin wrenches are used for fixing sink faucets and can fit down into hard-to-reach spaces to reach sink faucet valves. Allen wrenches are small L-shaped wrenches that most people have around their homes. They are helpful for many jobs, so most plumbers carry them in their toolbelts. Allen wrenches also come in a variety of sizes. 

Bachelor Number Three: Safety Equipment 

Last but not least is our third contestant, Bachelor #3! Safety equipment is possibly the most critical piece of plumbing equipment. Shoes, goggles, gloves, overalls, and masks are all examples of safety equipment that plumbers need at every job. 

Professional plumbers encounter various dirty and dangerous situations daily, so they need to protect themselves. Wearing masks prevents the inhalation of toxic fumes, mold, and foul smells. Many plumbers wear goggles for eye protection because it is hard to predict when an accident might occur, and it is better safe than sorry. 

Gloves are also essential to protect the hands from injury. Plumbers need to wear non-slip work shoes to prevent accidental slips and falls, and for plumbers who work on construction sites, a hard hat will also be part of their safety equipment. 

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