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May Flowers Bring Huge Pollen Counts!

April showers bring May flowers and seasonal allergies. Every spring, the immune systems of allergy-sufferers are negatively affected by benign particles of pollen and dust, leaving people’s health and comfort in shambles as collateral damage. 

Subpar air may be a problem for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and constant sinus problems. During allergy season, immune systems get overwhelmed trying to fight off non-infectious particles. The best way to beat allergies is to reduce exposure to these particles that elicit such an annoying response and give the immune system a break. Here are some tips from local indoor air quality experts that can help ease the pain of allergy season. 

Use Air Purifiers and Air Scrubbers to Your Advantage

air purifiersThe key to fighting allergies is improving indoor air quality and reducing the amount of offending particles in the air. Two good choices for this are air purifiers and air scrubbers. Both appliances use HEPA filters to remove particles down to .3 microns in size. HEPA filters were designed during WWII to capture radioactive particles that could cause radiation poisoning. Today HEPA filters keep air clean in manufacturing environments, hospitals, and homes.

Luckily for homeowners, .3 microns is adequate filtration to remove nearly every pollen particle in the air, so air scrubbers and air cleaners are highly effective at removing every size particle down to .3 microns. Air scrubbers add a layer of effectiveness by using ionization to cause dust particles to cling together and be more easily filtered from the air. 

Keep Things Clean with UV Air Sanitizers and Dehumidifiers 

Removing dust from the air is a vast improvement, but it isn’t the whole equation. Moisture is another critical component in improving air quality. When the moisture content is too high, mold growth is encouraged. When mold is allowed to grow, it constantly pumps spores into the air in an attempt to spread. These spores can escape filtration and aggravate allergies. 

Once the dehumidifier dries the air to make it unsuitable for mold growth, how are particles less than .3 microns dealt with? UV air sanitizers are the final piece of the puzzle. Powerful UV light destroys viruses and odors, so they don't aggravate allergies. 

Schedule AC Maintenance and Air Filter Replacement


A simple strategy that fixes problems for most people with mild allergy symptoms is to get better at changing the air filter. AC maintenance in the springtime is the best time to have a professional install high-quality air filters in an AC. By keeping clean air filters in place and allowing a professional to perform AC maintenance, homeowners can: 

  • Improve the air quality by allowing the AC to remove more moisture from the air
  • Keep the air clean by preventing dust buildup in coils
  • Prevent dust from building up inside the ductwork
  • Increase the reliability of the AC equipment, so the air stays healthy and comfortable all year round instead of needing AC repairs. 


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