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Earth Friendly Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

April is Earth Month, which has many people thinking about how they can be more eco-friendly in their own homes. There are a few tips homeowners can follow to keep maintaining a greener home. From pipes to water heaters, there is a multitude of ways to keep an eco-conscious household. First things first, check those leaky faucets! Fixing any faucets or pipes that are leaking can save a lot of money on the water bill over time and conserve more water. The sink that’s constantly dripping ever so slightly-it’s time to get it fixed. 

Along with this, looking into different water heaters or even toilets can be a great way to create a more eco-conscious home, which will be discussed later. 

What Are the Right Pipes for Homeowners

pipes From copper pipes to PVC, a host of different pipes can be used for plumbing at home, and it can be a bit overwhelming to decipher between them. 

Here are a few different options:

  • Copper Piping: Copper pipes, which have been a plumbing standard for many years, are durable, heat and leak-resistant, and long-lasting. However, it is one of the more expensive options.
  • PEX: Along with copper, there is PEX, or Cross-Linked Polyethylene Piping, which is more affordable, heat, and freeze-resistant but cannot be connected directly to a water heater. 
  • CPVC: One of the best options for more efficient heating would be CPVC. This is a great option because it is insulated, so it allows for more energy-efficient heating. It is also easy to install and extremely durable. 
  • PVC: PVC is a very affordable option, but it cannot withstand hot temperatures, so it isn’t great for hot water but can be great for toilets or certain drains. 

Let’s Talk Water Saving Toilets

toilet Water-saving toilets or water-efficient toilets are an excellent way to start conserving even more water within the household. For many households, there are older toilets residing in the bathrooms. This means that many of these toilets will use up to 7 gallons of water per flush, while a water-saving toilet will only use around 1.28 gallons per flush. 

This is not only excellent for conserving a lot of water, but it will also help lower the water bill in the future. Now, getting a brand new water-efficient toilet can be a pricey task, but there are dual flush toilet kits that homeowners can purchase and install to help use less water and pay back their water bill over time. 

Eco-Friendly Water Heaters

Many homes come with a conventional water heater that probably gets the job done just fine. But it’s also wasting a lot of energy, which can be expensive over time. Other options for a more energy-efficient household range from solar-powered water heaters to condensing water heaters. 

When the phrase “solar-powered” is used, it is often associated with being more eco-friendly, which would remain true for a solar-powered water heater. However, these water heaters will only work best in a sunny climate. Heat pump water heaters are one of the most efficient water heaters out there. They heat water similarly to how a refrigerator cools, ultimately using less energy. 

However, they need to exist in a specific temperature range (around 40 degrees to 90 degrees). Condensing water heaters are a great option to help reduce energy costs as they are much cheaper to operate since they use less natural gas. They are on the bulkier side for water heaters, though, so they require more household space. 

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