Heating and Cooling

The Peace of Mind program offered by Laney’s Heating and Cooling includes an annual check and servicing of your heating and cooling equipment. There are many benefits with this program and it is a recommended service with warranties on heating and cooling equipment.

We have a great heating and cooling maintenance plan to keep your HVAC units working properly

Program Benefits:

Safety: Laney’s maintenance program provides service with safety in mind, ensuring all components of your heating and cooling system are thoroughly inspected. We make sure your system is working safely and we also provide information on available items to increase the safety of you and your family.

Peace of Mind: Automatic and consistent inspection, adjusting, lubricating, and cleaning of your heating and cooling equipment ensures that it is always operating in the best condition. We find any possible problems early.

Fuel Cost Savings: Laney’s maintenance program ensures that your system is running at peak efficiency levels. This saves you money on your energy bill. We also provide information on money saving ideas.

Value Rate: As a participant in our maintenance program, you will be eligible to get our preferred customer “Value Rate”. This 10% savings on all additional heating, cooling, and plumbing services are available throughout the year. (15% for Seniors).

Convenient Scheduling: Our trained and experienced staff are always making certain that your equipment is operating at its best. We will contact you when it is time for your annual check and service. We will always schedule service at a time that is convenient for you.

Preferred Treatment: We offer planned maintenance services so your system operates with increased reliability. However, should an emergency arise, we also offer preferential treatment so you always get the services you need.

Choice of Programs: You choose the desired amount of planned maintenance visits per year. This determines the cost of your planned service agreement.

Trustworthy Service: Our skilled and experienced staff know their areas of expertise. Trust them and our reputation to give you dependable, fast, and fair service!