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5 Worst Toilet Habits You May be Guilty Of

You may be surprised to know that you are guilty of some of the worst toilet habits that can cause all sorts of damage to your toilet and your bathroom plumbing system in general. But why would you continue to do things that you know may be damaging to your plumbing?

Well, the truth is that you may not know that your toilet habits are hurting your toilet. Even if you do, you may not be aware of just how seriously your bad habits can affect your toilet plumbing.

Laney's Inc. has taken the time to compile a list of the five worst plumbing habits most people are guilty of without knowing it. Check out our list below and learn why you need to change your ways asap!

Bad Habits For Toilet Piping

  1. toiletpipesFlushing too much down your toilet at once.
    (Don’t be afraid to flush periodically if you need to. No one’s judging you, and it could save you from a clogged toilet)
  2. Flushing the wrong things down your toilet.
    (What are the "wrong" things to flush? Basically, anything that isn't human waste or toilet paper)
  3. Using liquid drain cleaners to unclog your toilet.
    (Don’t do it. This is what plungers are for. Plungers can unclog your toilet without damaging your pipes. Use them)
  4. Ignoring toilet issues that can be easily fixed.
    (If your toilet is running water or constantly clogging, don’t ignore it! Ignoring the problem will only allow it time to grow worse)
  5. Poorly Installed Toilet Pipes.
    (Pipes that aren’t installed right the first time can cause a slew of plumbing problems for you in the future)

These Habits Can Cause Significant Toilet Damage

damageRepeatedly doing just one of the above things can cause damage to your toilet or the pipes that are connected to it.

Being guilty of multiple bad toilet habits is a disaster waiting to happen. Flushing too much paper at once or flushing other non-organic materials down the toilet can cause a clog in the drain line.

While most clogs occur within the toilet and can be easily broken up with a plunger, a more severe clog can cause pressure to build up within your pipes and potentially lead the pipe to burst.

Can You Afford The Repair Cost For Damaged Toilet Piping?

repaircostDepending on how severe the damage to your toilet and pipes is, you could end up paying up to $500 or $600 or toilet and plumbing repairs. Not to mention the cost of damages that can be caused by extreme cases like a broken pipe or sewage back up.

Fortunately, most of the repairs plumbers perform on toilets are just unclogging the line. For a simple repair service like that, you can spend as little as $80 or as much as a few hundred dollars.

Call Laney's Inc. in Fargo if you have a significant plumbing problem you need to be addressed right away. Our team of highly-trained professionals is available at (701) 237-0543. Don't forget to look up proper toilet maintenance tips to help you avoid costly mistakes in the future.