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Are You Considering Commercial Toilets as Part of Your Bathroom Plumbing?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to wonder about the potential of installing commercial toilets in their home. The idea of having a tankless toilet and a very quick flush is appealing. It seems like such a toilet would take up less space and more quickly remove wastewater from your home. At first glance, it looks like a win-win.

However, when you look more closely at the differences between commercial and residential plumbing, it’s clear that it’s not a good idea to install a commercial toilet in your home. Here are some reasons why you should avoid doing this when trying to remodel your bathroom, and some alternatives to installing a commercial toilet.

Residential and Commercial Toilets Function Differently

residential vs commercial toiletsResidential toilets rely on a tank and gravity to remove wastewater from the toilet and to carry it down and out of a drainage line. In contrast, when commercial toilets are flushed, they get water from a commercial-grade supply line that then carries water in quickly enough to push wastewater all the way through the drainage system.

This flush comes quickly and with lots of power. However, commercial systems and their supply lines are built to handle this amount of speed and force. Residential systems are not and are not able to quickly provide water at this high force.

As a result, commercial toilets are not well suited for residential systems and will not work properly in a typical residential system.

Different Underground Plumbing Systems

When considering what plumbing components will work in your home, it’s worth considering the differences between residential and commercial plumbing systems. While they use the same components, commercial plumbing systems are much more complex than residential ones.

underground plumbing

Commercial systems use commercial-grade pipes and fixtures to handle their many components and increased usage. Your home does not have this complexity nor is it built for this type of usage. As a result, components that might work smoothly in a commercial setting will not work well in a residential one.

Options for Tankless Toilets

tankless toiletsThat said, if you’re desperate to have a tankless toilet, there are some models that are made for residential plumbing systems. If you’re considering one, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, they are usually built for 1 inch supply lines (whereas in many homes, supply lines are ½ or ¾ of an inch).

Second, they are significantly louder than standard toilets, which might not be ideal for a residential setting, especially when you think about flushing it in the quiet hours of the night. Third, they often require a pump or some other mechanism to supply additional power to the flush.

It’s not a good idea to install a commercial toilet in your home, as your plumbing system is not built to handle this type of toilet. That said, if you’re interested in a tankless toilet, there are some options that might work in your home. Talk to a plumber to find out what options are available and supported by your plumbing system.

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