Fireplace Maintenance Program

Laney’s provides a fireplace maintenance program which offers an annual service and inspection of your fireplace. This service is recommended at least once every year and has many different benefits.

Use our exclusive fireplace maintenance program to make sure the heat keeps going

Program Benefits Include:

Peace of Mind: With regular and periodic inspections, your fireplace will operate at peak performance levels. We offer comprehensive adjusting and cleaning of your fireplace and any potential problems are uncovered before they develop further.

Flame Quality: With our maintenance plan, we adjust the fireplace to suit your preferences. In addition, we clean both the interior and exterior of the fireplace so that the flame viewing experience is enhanced.

Safety: Laney’s maintenance program provides the ultimate in safety ensuring your fireplace is checked and all systems are in full operational order. In addition, we will provide you with information on available items for the protection and safety of your family.

Fuel Cost Savings: With Laney’s maintenance program, your fireplace will always operate at its peak. This equates to increased savings on your fuel bills.

Value Rate: You can receive a preferred customer “Value Rate.” This special deal offers a 10% savings on all cooling, heating, plumbing service calls all throughout the year (15% Senior Citizens discount).

Easy and Convenient Scheduling: Our experienced and competent staff is always ensuring your equipment is operating at its best. We will get in touch when it is time for your annual check and service. We will schedule service at a convenient time for you.

Preferred Treatment: With planned maintenance services, your system operates with more stability and reliability. However, should an emergency arise, we offer preferential treatment.

Dependable Service: Our skilled and experienced professional staff is well trained. You can depend on them to provide you with fast, dependable, and fair service.